Wholesale Information

There is no minimum order quantity. You can order as many as you want.

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You can find our terms and conditions below. For further questions and advice please feel free to contact.

Contact: goby@shopgoby.com

1. Online Sales 

-The Partner can make online sales in every online platform out of Amazon. 

-The Partner can make online sales via his own website. 

2. Offline Sales 

-The Partner can make offline sales within the boundaries of the market including the chain of stores and all boutique stores. 

 3. Partner 

As Goby, we are expecting from our partners: 

-To spread Goby’s trademark to become a more known brand within the market.  
-To make the publicity of Goby
-To establish communication channels with new customers 
-To sell Goby products via the agreed network. The agreed network is consisting of three legs as Goby-Partner-Customer. 
-The exceptional status of the Partnership doesn't include the customers which has been a business relation with Goby before this agreement. 
-The Partnership province does not contain the campaign websites. 


4. Pricing 

The wholesale price is specified as dividing the "retail price" by the particular rates as shown below.  


0-500 pairs of shoesRetail Price / 3,1(%67 discount) 

501-1000 pairs of shoes: Retail Price/ 3,3 (%69,70 discount) 

1001-2000 pairs of shoes: Retail Price / 3,5 (%71,43 discount) 

2001-5000 pairs of shoes: Retail Price / 3,7 (%72,97 discount) 

Up to 5000 pairs of shoes: Retail Price/ 3,9 (%74,36 discount)